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  Laux Law Office   Kanzlei Laux         Δικηγορικό Γραφείο ΛάουξMunich & Athens

Welcome to Laux Law Office

Laux Law Office advises and represents international clients in various areas of the law with special focus on Greece and Germany.

In the field of international legal relations, Laux Law Office is also oriented towards the UK and the USA.


Laux Law Office sees itself as a modern service provider, which provides a comprehensive service to national and multinational corporations as well as to private individuals.


Here you may receive professional legal advise in all fields of national and international law, the main focus being on corporate and civil law matters.


Laux Law Office usually strives to resolve disputes amicably, in order to minimize costs and save clients time. If, however, litigation is needed, you can be represented before all Greek and German courts of law (except for the German Federal Supreme Court – Bundesgerichtshof, BGH), as well as before the courts of the European Union (Court of Justice of the European Union, General Court, European Court of Human Rights).

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